Tyler Amadeus

 I am Tyler Amadeus. Just another trendy teen CHRONICLINg all things menswear, lifestyle and anything aesthetically pleasing. 

Since the age of 12, I have been able to use fashion as a way to express my creativity and boost my confidence. After dabbling in modeling and acting, I worked as an intern for a local modeling agency and acted as an administrative assistant to a local, KC fashion designer. IN the past few years, I have learned many skills in many different parts of the fashion industry, particularly social media. This educational introduction to the marriage between fashion and social media is what inspired me to become an influencer.

I am ECLECTIC to the core... and so is my wardrobe. From streetwear to editorial, it all seems classic to me. And that is why I am here. within these Archives, people will be able to see My perspective on Fashion and life through detailed styling and imagery. My hope is that people will be inspired by my own passion for creating new looks; that they will no longer be afraid to be uniquely them.

Aside from being a Fashion design student and a menswear blogger, I am also a consignor. I took my passion for sustainability and created a consignment shop that supports the recycling of clothing and puts purpose back into pieces that deserve a few more extra years of wear. If you are interested, please click here to shop The Archives.

Are you a brand seeking social media exposure or an agency looking for a new face? Do you want your brand to be featured on Tyler Amadeus? If so, let's collaborate. Simply click here to contact me.