tees + selected denim by Everlane | denim from H&M + Pacsun | footwear by Adidas Originals + Vans

fragrance + towel from Apolis | selected skincare by BeautyCounter

Who doesn't love to travel? Whatever part of the world we are exploring, traveling gives us a sense of freedom; inspiring us to keep living life to the fullest (even after the trip). When traveling, essentials are key in making your excursion all the better. Things like A well-thought-out wardrobe. A simple skincare routine. You get the drill.

For my upcoming trip to Europe, I am packing everything I need in one carry on + a backpack... Let's just say, the Basics are all I have to work with. these Basics allow me to enjoy my adventure without having to sacrifice my love for style. Things like white/black tees and different shades of denim are great ways to create varied looks, without packing too much. When it comes to shoes, I try to pack 2-3 pairs that are light, comfortable and stylish; something that will match each outfit. I personally like to buy accessories on the trip, but you can't go wrong with bringing your favorite fragrance, a nice beach towel and a good book to read.

skincare is probably the hardest part of packing. it can be hard to find a routine that is simple yet effective. Luckily, I have BeautyCounter to help me with that. Their green and straight-forward products are perfect for creating a ROUTINE that will satisfy all skincare needs; whether on vacation or during the every day. I have decided to Use their One-step makeup remover wipes to cleanse my face every morning and moisturize with their No. 3 Balancing oil. quite the refreshing combo. Hey guys, you don’t have to wear makeup to use these wipes. They are the perfect cleanser for a morning on the go! Afterward, I will simply apply their Protect skin sunscreen to my face and take on the day. For the night, A bar of my favorite goat's milk soap will do. You also can't go wrong with bringing Beautycounter's No. 3 Charcoal facial mask for a weekly detox.

From France to Italy to Ireland, stay tuned to the blog and my Instagram to discover what Europe has to offer.

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