coat + shirt are thrifted | shoes by Adidas Originals | socks + pants from H&M | bag by Apolis

imagery by Colette Waters

I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO MOVE TO NEW YORK CITY. THE REASONS? WHERE TO BEGIN? FROM THE FAST-PACED LIFESTYLE TO THE LARGE ARTISTIC COMMUNITY, NYC SEEMS LIKE A DREAM. BUT REALLY... GIVE ME SOHO; WHERE FASHION AND ARCHITECTURE HAVE CREATED MY KIND OF UTOPIA. it's a place where the new and the old collide... neither one going out of style. This love for SoHo is what inspired me to create this look. to represent the city and the lifestyle that comes with it.

My favorite part of this look is the City Market Bag from Apolis! Simply, this bag isn't made just to be sold. Rather, it carries a story wherever it goes. Each bag is handmade by artisan women in Bangladesh who are given Fair Trade wages, annual profit dividends and a retirement fund. Made from jute fiber, which produces more oxygen than any other Bangladeshi crop (yeah, my bag is living, folks), this bag is a fighter against single-use bags and their pollution of the Earth. This ever-growing (and forever ethical) trend is the start of my journey toward a more sustainable wardrobe. This is the perfect accessory to take on your everyday adventures... even the soho kind.

Tyler Amadeus2 Comments